Parenting win, Rhyme in a Bag style

Reese: Mom! We have to do our bags!

Me: We’ll do them tonight, not right now.

Reese: I’m just going to read the bag so you know what we have to do 🙄

I really, really don’t mean to brag, but I’ve got something in my bag. I will give this clue to you. I hope you can guess it too. It is something that rhymes with….

Hey Ryan, what are you going to bring?

Ryan: a monster truck!

Reese: what are you going to rhyme it with?

Ryan: Donster Truck.

Me: Ryan donster isn’t a word, and monster is a hard one to rhyme. Maybe try truck?

Ryan: Monster fuck! That should work!

Me: Maybe we can just go with duck, buddy.

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